Kyonggi University – Master Plan

Seoul, Korea

Quick Facts: 

Client: Kyonggi University

Market: Academic

Services: Planning

Project Team: Michael Winstanley – Design Architect, Cannon Design – Architect of Record

Faced with the challenge of staying competitive in today’s new global marketplace, Kyonggi University engaged educational and campus planning consultants to reposition the institution to become a truly international university.

Faculty at George Washington University, by virtue of an established relationship between the two universities, developed an educational strategic plan for Kyonggi University. The strategic plan and new program called for an additional 2 million square feet of new construction. The master planners developed a scenario for growth over a 10-15 year period. Along with the new facilities, the planners developed infrastructure to be constructed at the same time to support this unprecedented growth.

Landscape features, designed by Hargreaves Associates, accentuate and fortify the overall plan.

As part of the master plan various issues were explored and designed including pedestrian and vehicular circulation, parking, open space, new construction, and site and building infrastructure. Due to the large amount of new construction that was being planned, a master-phasing plan was developed to assist in the smooth and continuous development of the plan.

Michael Winstanley AIA AICP was the Design Principal on this project during his tenure as Vice President at Cannon Design.